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5 Things You Need to Keep in Your Car

You probably have too many items in your car. Tissue box, of course. That extra pair of shoes. T-Shirt. A pillow, for some serious insomniac workaholics. Having too much stuff in your cabin might not be a good idea. They can interfere with your driving (think emergency braking). They can also take a toll on your fuel economy. I recommend you perform some spring cleaning for your car cabin. If you do, just make sure you keep these essential items in your car. These are the things that can really get you out of trouble.

Car jack and spare tyre

One of the most frequent cause of roadside emergencies is flat tyre. Not only you must keep your spare tyre in your boot, you also need to check its tyre pressure from time to time. That said, you actually have another option if budget isn’t a concern: run-flat tyres.

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Jumper cables

Another common cause for car breakdown is dead battery. A set of jumper cable would get you up and running in no time. Your jumper cables should be long enough – at least 20 feet – to easily connect to a donor car.

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Fire extinguisher

This is the item that most car owners neglect. In any car accident, fire is definitely a possibility. It may seem remote, but when it happens, it’s deadly. Fire may be caused either by petrol fume, or short-circuited electricals. A handy fire extinguisher can be a real life-saver!

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Small tool kit

Breakdowns happen. They can be especially troublesome when you’re miles away from help. If you know your ways around a car, you can put that knowledge to use with a small tool kit in your car.

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First aid kit

A first aid kit is always a good idea. It may become useful during car accidents, of course. But apart from something that serious, with a first aid kit in your car, you can have quick access to medical supplies for those occasional cuts and bruises. Furthermore, it’s not only for you. You might be able to use your first aid kit to help others in case of emergency.

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Can you think of any other must-have items in car? Leave a comment.

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