It began with a dream

What if every driver never needs to worry about breakdowns?

What if car ownership is just pure joy, with zero hassle?

In 2020, the ROGER team embarked on our journey to realize this vision. We want to create the perfect app and platform to give car owners the help they need, when they want it.

ROGER! ROGER! A wordplay on the local Malaysian slang ‘roger’ meaning to inform or to call, ROGER aims to be the first brand that comes to mind for roadside assistance and car care.

ROGER is a comprehensive 360° car ownership app that assists you during vehicular emergencies, helps you manage the upkeep of your cars and explores accessorizing options for you at just one tap. It creates a more satisfying car ownership and driving experience for you.

ROGER also aims to link every car owners and everyone in the car industry – workshop owners, car sellers, maintenance workers, mechanics, drivers, insurance companies and the transportation business. ROGER is about everything cars.

ROGER works to keep your engine running, and aims to ensure that you’ll never drive alone again.

Our Core Values


Honesty is our key moral compass. We want to build a company that is wholeheartedly trusted by our customers , employees and investors. We shall always uphold transparency in our pricing, business dealing and other business practices.


Every individual deserves respect. Every ROGER team member must always treat customers and each other with courtesy. We practice the Golden Rule: treat others as one wants to be treated.


Innovation is in our blood. We are always open-minded, always looking for new and better ways to solve old problems. We believe only by persistently innovating, we can deliver the best to our customers.


The safety of customers and employees is always in our minds and hearts. Much of our work happens on the roads. The results of our work is related to customers’ safety. “Safety first” is not enough for us. We want safety first, last and every step in the middle.

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Meet the Dreamers


Are you a car owner? Install our ROGER app, and have a friend who’s always ready to help!