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How to Repair Tyre with a Tyre Repair Kit

Many newer cars now come without a spare tyre. Even if your car does come with a spare tyre, you can consider removing it.

“Why would anybody do that? What if I have a flat tyre?” You might ask. Car manufacturers have decided that the very occasional what if is not worth the extra fuel hauling an extra 10kg all the time. Instead, they provide a lightweight tyre repair kit for emergency use.

It actually makes total sense, considering the fact that with either method, you have to make a trip to the tyre shop anyway. Furthermore, using a tyre repair kit is significantly easier than shifting a 10-20kg wheel around.

Tyre repair kit usually comes with two components.

  • A bottle of tyre sealant
  • A compressor
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An example of tyre repair kit (Credit: Amazon UK)

1. First, move your car to a safe space

If you discover your flat tyre at home or in parking lot, you are relatively safe. If you realize you have a flat tyre while driving, it is very important that you slow down and move towards the emergency lane.

How do you know you have a flat tyre? The car would have a tendency to pull to one side. Sometimes you can hear it too. If it is caused by a nail, you could hear the metal brushing against the road when the car is moving.

Now that you have stopped your car,

  • Turn on your hazard lights
  • Engage P if you are driving automatic
  • Pull handbrake.

Look around. Are you really safe? Cars and bikes are whizzing by inches away from you. If the flat tyre is on the side further away from the traffic, you can probably work on it yourself. If it was on the side closer to the main road, squatting right next to busy traffic is just way too risky. Call ROGER for professional rescue instead.

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2. Inspect the damage on tyres

Try to find the puncture that has caused the flat tyre. It may be a nail. Do not pull it out. Otherwise it would enlarge the hole. If the hole is bigger than 4mm, do not use the tyre repair kit. If the damage is on the side wall instead of the main tread area, the tyre repair kit cannot help either. But Roger can! Contact Roger for a tyre swap or a tow truck.

Usage method of every repair kit might differ a little. Please read its instructions as well. Nevertheless, the key idea remain the same: to get the sealant inside the flat tyre evenly.

3. Connect the sealant to the tyre valve

  • Open the tyre valve.
  • Connect the hose from the sealant securely to the tyre valve.

4. Connect the compressor to the your 12V socket or cigarette lighter

Your car will supply the power to the compressor, which will inflate the tyre, and at the same time, pump the sealant into the tyre.

5. Connect the compressor to the sealant bottle

Usually, there is a second valve on the sealant bottle that lets you connect the compressor.

6. Turn on the compressor

It will take about 10 minutes to inflate the tyre. The compressor should have a pressure indicator. Once sufficient pressure has been reached (around 25psi, depending on the capability of your compressor) you can disconnect everything and pack them up, and recap the tyre valve.

7. Drive your car for about 3km

This is to move the sealant around evenly. Your tyres have been temporarily fixed. The keyword here being temporary. You need to get to the nearest tyre shop as soon as possible. Furthermore, drive slowly. As a rule of thumb, do not exceed 70km/h.

Other Notes

If the tyre repair kit comes from the car manufacturer, you know it’s designed for your car. However, if your car comes with a spare tyre, chances are the manufacturer doesn’t include a tyre repair kit. If you want to go down the route of removing the spare to travel lighter, you can buy a tyre repair kit from most auto-shop. Just pay attention to the tyre size that are supported. I have not had a spare tyre in my cars for the past 10 years.

If all of the above sound like too much hassle for you, worry not! Just install Roger App. Let the Roger team help you out.

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