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How to earn ROGER Coins?

Spend on ROGER app

For every RM1 spent on ROGER app, you are awarded with 1 ROGER Coin.

For more details, please refer to the user terms and condition.

Use your referral code to earn more coins

Both you (the referrer) and your referred friend will get 300 ROGER Coins.

How to invite friends

  • Log in to ROGER app and open the menu bar.
  • Tap Referral Rewards
  • Tap the share icon. Share with Facebook, WhatsApp or other apps.
  • When somebody registers with your referral code, you will be notified in-app.

Oh! I got invited! What do I do?

  • Download ROGER app and register.
  • Remember to enter your friend’s referral code to receive extra 300 ROGER coins.
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