Like our new facelift?

Because ROGER is everything cars, and more!

Why the new look? We are all about helping people moving from one place to another, safely and efficiently.

We start with cars. But eventually we can help you with your motorbikes and bicycles. Then maybe boats, planes, and even rockets to Mars. Our new logo embodies this bold vision.

About the Design

The overall younger look reflects the young and energetic ROGER team. We use light blue to convey that we’re a bunch of friendly people.

Our old hand gesture is still there. It still means “ROGER! We’ve got your message” As attentive as we have always been.

At the same time, the hand resembles a wing. We promise to deliver our service to you in the fastest way possible.

We use thicker, steadier font now. We’re here to stay. ROGER is your trusted partner for everything cars, and more.

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