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Number 1 Reason Why You Should Use Run-flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres came with my Mini. At the time when I first got them, I thought they are the most marvelous invention in human history apart from doughnuts. Imagine, I would never need to worry about flat tyres ever again. And that’s exactly the top reason why you should use run-flat tyres – absolute peace of mind.

Run-flat tyres give you absolute peace of mind

These are tyres with either reinforced sidewalls or a built-in supporting ring made of hard rubber. In the event of tyre pressure loss, run-flat tyres can still support itself. You can continue to drive on a “flat“ tyre. That means you need not stop your car in potentially dangerous environment to fix the issue. You can drive straight to a tyre shop.

cars equipped with run-flat tyres as standard
Some cars like Mini Cooper come equipped with run-flat tyres as standard

However, do note that run-flat tyres are not designed to be driven without pressure permanently. Most manufacturers limit the maximum traveling distance to be around 80km, and the driving speed must not exceed 80km/h.

Some drivers loath run-flat tyres because they claim that run-flat tyres cause bumpier rides due to the stiffer sidewalls. I seriously doubt it. The difference, if any, is not really perceptible. I believe these drivers could have psyched themselves into feeling so, because their friends tell them so. I was happy driving on my run-flat tyres.

I thought run-flat tyres were so wonderful that I wanted to use them on all my cars, all the time… until one day, my tyre got punctured by a nail. The tire pressure indicator flared up. At that moment, I was very pleased that I had run-flats on. I felt invincible. I drove leisurely to my tyre shop, and then woken up to face the harsh reality.

Run-flat tyres are EXPENSIVE

While most normal tyres can be repaired easily, tyre manufacturers recommend that you replace your run-flat tyres after experiencing pressure loss. This is because you have driven miles on them without pressure, and its reinforced structure may have been compromised. They are not safe to drive on anymore. I ended up needing a new tyre.

Here’s the second blow: run-flat tyres are approximately 50% more expensive than normal ones. What could have been RM400 became RM600! I calculated how much my time is worth. Assuming I earn a monthly salary of RM5,000, working twenty 8-hour days. Then, an hour of my time is worth RM31.25. If I spend 20 minutes repairing a tyre on the roadside, the work costs me RM10.41. It sure beats paying extra RM200 for a run-flat tyre.

Furthermore, to use run-flat tyres, you must have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) installed. Because of the ability of run-flat tyres to support continuous driving , drivers might not realize any pressure loss. Prolonged driving on run-flat tyres without pressure is dangerous. Unless your car already comes with TPMS, you need to spend extra money to install it.

Use ROGER app instead of run-flat tyres

If you absolutely value safety and convenience, and money isn’t an issue, by all means use run-flat tyres. They are indeed marvelous. As for me, I gave up on run-flat tyres after using up mine, and switched to regular tyres. If you are using normal tyres like I do, see our guide for signs that tell you when it’s time for new tyres.

To still enjoy the total peace of mind, I use ROGER app. If I ever encounter any car breakdown for any reasons, flat tyre or otherwise, I know I can count on the ROGER team to come to my rescue.

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