ROGER Offers and ROGER Coins are services offered by Car Roger Sdn. Bhd. (“ROGER”) subject to the Terms and Conditions herein (“Terms”). By using our service, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understood to the Terms, and agree to be bound by it. ROGER reserves the right to modify the Terms from time to time without prior notification.

ROGER Offers

ROGER Offers (“Offers”) are promotional electronic vouchers issued by ROGER from time to time at its own discretion. Each Offer provides discount to selected products specified by ROGER.

Each Offer expires on the expiry date stipulated on the Offer. Offers not redeemed before the expiry date will become null and void after the said expiry date.

Each Offer is bound to a specific user. Offers are non-transferrable and not exchangeable for cash.


ROGER Coins (“Coins”) are reward points collected by users when spending on ROGER services. ROGER has the sole discretion on determining the ratio of Coins collected to Ringgit spent.

User may use collected Coins to exchange for discount on ROGER petrol vouchers. ROGER has the sole discretion on determining the discount per Coin, and reserves the right to adjust such rate from time to time without prior notification.

Coins collected expires 6 months from the date of collection. If the user spends and collects Coins during the said 6 months, expire date is extended from the date of spending for another 6 months. (In other words, Coins do not expire if you conduct at least one transaction every 6 months.)

Petrol Vouchers

ROGER offers petrol vouchers on ROGER app. By purchasing petrol vouchers, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated by the respective petrol companies.

Petrol vouchers expire on the date stipulated on the vouchers. Petrol vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. Unutilized balance on petrol vouchers are not refundable.

User Registration

Only users registered on ROGER app are entitled to use Offers and Coins. Users register with their phone numbers or email addresses as user IDs on ROGER app. Users agree to keep their own passwords secret, and not to share their accounts with other people.

ROGER has the sole discretion right to suspend or terminate any user account with a 24-hour notice user. However, notice is not required if ROGER determines that the user breaches this Terms, provides inaccurate personal data, or his or her action may cause financial loss or legal liability to ROGER and/or its affiliates.

Personal Data

ROGER collects and store your data in accordance to its privacy policy and the Personal Data Protection Act of Malaysia. ROGER does not share your data with third parties, EXCEPT collaborating affiliates and merchants who require your personal data in order to deliver the services you purchase.

Published Feb 10, 2022