Save up to 6% on Petrol Every Month

Now, you can buy Petronas petrol vouchers in your ROGER app, and save up to 6% every month!

We are launching ROGER Coins to give you exciting rewards for using ROGER. You can collect ROGER Coins whenever you purchase petrol vouchers in the app. To celebrate the launch, we are giving out 300 ROGER Coins, worth RM3, to everyone for free (yes, that includes you!) The Coins will be distributed out over the week.

There’s more. For a limited time, we are giving out free ROGER Coins every month, provided that you spend it during the month. As an illustration, let’s say you have received the coins on March 2, and used it to purchase petrol voucher on March 15, then you will receive another drop of 300 ROGER Coins in April.

On the other hand, if you did not spend the ROGER Coins for March, but only use it in April, then you will receive new ROGER Coins in May.

How to use your buy and use our petrol voucher

Start saving immediately! Install ROGER app now.

Install ROGER app now!

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