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Tips for Getting Rid of Foul Smell

Foul smell in the vehicle? Foul smell can be caused by shoe mold or beverage spills. Even after washing, the unpleasant smell may still linger. Other than opening the windows while driving and applying air-freshener, you can also try some of these simple and inexpensive tips:

Bread (who would’ve thought?)

Place a few slices of white bread lined with tissue or plastic on the surface of the dashboard, cup holder or on the seat. Leave it overnight. Bread can absorb unpleasant odors effectively.

Pandan Leaves (it’s not only good for culinary)

Tie three or four pieces of pandan leaves and place them under the seats. The fragrance of the leaves helps to overcome foul odour, especially the smell of musty shoes. Alternatively, you can also use potpourri, a combination of dried flowers that emit a fresh aroma.

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Coffee (not just for waking you up)

Put three teaspoons of coffee powder in a small plastic cup without covering it. Place it anywhere in the vehicle. After two or three days, bad stench will disappear.

Charcoal (I skipped my chemistry class…)

Take a few chunks of charcoal and place them on the floor of the car. This would get rid of the smell as well.

ROGER -Car service-Auto service-Roadside assist-Car breakdown

Hope these tips help!